Monday, May 23, 2011

Helena Christensen for Seimei


I am not big fan of jewelry. I never tend to overspend on it. In fact I hardly ever buy it, all my ( 3:) fav items are gifts:my oversize, silver Omega watch (birthday present from my husband); red string ( the „evil-eye“ protector), which has been on my wrist for many,many  years and last bot not least- thick, white gold necklace with a tiny diamond pendant ( gift from my Mom).You can see me wearing literally the same pieces every day.It’s like I am being tied to them and ...that’s all.
But, I think I have just found the next, perfect piece to my collection-Seimei Charity Bracelet designed by Helena Christensen.
Don’t even think that  I try to abandon my shopping fundamentals, this bracelet meets my „minimalist“ requirements in 100%. It is plated with genuine 22 carat gold and it’s one connected piece – a full circle with the heart at the centre .
It costs 100 EUR and is available at
Buy it and support a good cause.

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lin said...

This is so pretty, it looks perfect for everyday.