Tuesday, February 8, 2011

low budget blazer


Found beautiful white blazer at Monki.Tailoring seems ok, the only thing under question mark is the quality. I haven't checked the fabric at store yet.
Looking at the picture I cannot resist buying it. On one side I have decided to buy less high-street and more quality, but on the other hand the price (350 kr/45 eur) is sooo tempting.


lin said...

it looks promising, definitely worth checking out in person. i think quality can be found at all price points, so don't reject it so soon based on price and brand :)

Areta ☁ Szpura said...

jest calkiem spoko, ale znalazlam lepszy w h&m :)

G said...

Check the fabric content. If it's cheap viscose or acrylic, leave it behind.

Giuli said...

LOVE the blazer!!!<3

Stop by sometime dear! Maybe we can follow each other if you like :)


laura said...

seems tempting, would like to edit it somehow though ... some cut-outs maybe ?