Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Quite white


Want to wear white and nude this summer.


Style Odyssey said...

I feel the same about bright colors this summer...I had enough saturated colors in the Caribbean to sustain me a while- I'm kind of over the brights! White and nudes seem so right, very fresh and clean.

Filipa said...

I love white dresses, specially like those, are so beautiful and stylish...I wish it was Spring now ;)



Cecilia said...

Love your blog!!
I have the cut side dress is amazing


(add me on FB if you want to see it or go to the LUISAVIAROMA dinner party ahah)


plentyforpennies said...

Really want that center white dress but can't find it on Asos : (


onlycoolcats said...

Plentyforpennies:I am surprised, because it was available at Asos not tha long time ago. Apparently it is sold out:(

marzena said...

a white dress can be truly wonderful.

the one in the middle is my favourite. it is all about the shape and it definitely brings back memories of the alexander mcqueen spring 2010 collection.