Sunday, January 30, 2011

French 5-piece wardrobe. Long post:)

1.Isabel Marant. 2.Barbara i Gongini 3.Chloe 4.Celine/Balenciaga 5.Acne

Some time ago I heard about the 5-piece French Wardrobe principal. Today, I found it again here and thought it would be nice to share.
I have always been more than fascinated with the way French women dress. They always look very stylish with minimal effort. So, what is their secret???? Apparently they just know how to shop, haha. I mean it! The idea is very, very simple.
It is said that French women only buy 5 (classic,key) pieces a season. And then they just add 4-5 pieces each season to up-to date their wardrobe. Sounds smart to me.
I always value quality over quantity and I know it from my personal experience that overstuffed wardrobe takes far too much space and tends to gather dust too:) 
My wish is to build a solid wardrobe, with the importance of sticking to the following criteria: good fit,great fabric ,classic design. I really want to achieve the minimal, cohesive look.
Of course it may be too expensive, but I know that in return I get great stand-out pieces which I can cherish for the next many,many years....or even forever.
Here is my list:
1.Isabel Marant etoile coat
I love her designs and I have been eyeing this coat for a long time. Luckily managed to buy it 2 weeks ago. One of my best’s bargains ever.
2.Leather jacket
I am obsessed with leather jackets, especially the ones from Muubaa ( I am owner of 2 muubaa jackets) and the higher shelf which is Rick Owens ( I own none:).
Not that long time ago I discovered the leather jacket by Barbara i Gongini.It meets all the criteria that the“ perfect leather jacket“ is supposed to have. 
Awaiting for the discount or lottery winning.
3.Tweed blazer
I love blazers. Just need to add the tweed and white one to my collection. Preferebly a bit oversized, single breasted. Would be perfect with my skinny leather pants and tee or cashmere sweater.
4.Celine Boston Tote/Balenciaga
I am really devoted to my Balenciaga bags ( I have City, Part-Time and Messenger,the last one is listed for sale on ebay,as I want to buy the suede Bal).What I love about them is that I can wear them over the shoulder and I find them very roomy, especially my Part-Time.
I had been eyeing Mulberry Alexa, PS1 (too expensive), Alexander Wang ( I have Donna and messenger and I am considering to list them on sale,as I do not wear them so much anymore) and many others IT bags, but I always come back to Balenciaga.
Celine Boston Tote caught my attention immediately, I love it, but find it „to ladylike“.
I really do have difficulties with finding the perfect jeans for myself. Not that I am picky or something, but I cannot spot the „right ones“. I am looking for high-waisted jeans (yes, HIGH-WAISTED, I do not have  loooong model legs), dark grey or black.
Acne has nice ones and I heard their jeans can last long, long time.
Any other suggestions regarding jeans brands?



koko // res pulchrae said...

I'm trying to stick to 10 items per season. I made a list then added all the prices up and got scared, lol. I need to prioritize and "rank" the items according to how much I like them, then work my way down the list.

So jealous of your IM coat! I saw the shorter version at a store and would have bought it if it were my size. I prefer the longer one though. Great buy!

Prêt à Porter P said...

That leather jacket looks very cool. In the back of my mind, I'd like to find a black one, always wanted a bomber style, but the "rick owens" esque ones have their merits, but living in a tropical climate it's not a priority.

Style Odyssey said...

after many years in the tropics, i now live where there are seasons, and i'm starting to see all the gaps in my wardrobe. because of this, and my new style aesthetic (i no longer need a year-round resort-style wardrobe), i've had to start almost from scratch. by next fall, i should be able to adhere to this guideline.

the 5-piece wardrobe plus 4-5 new pieces per season totally makes sense when you do the math. not to mention, one will inevitably ditch an item here and there, as the years progress.

jeans brand? i love j brand!

asha said...

You're attempting to do the same thing I am. It's exciting, isn't it! Your I. Marant coat is just divine, a perfect basic. Good luck with your wardrobe building!

lin said...

Congratulations on getting the coat! I love it when I find something I love on sale, it's like fate is conspiring to make things happen for you.

I'm trying to buy ten things or less this whole year - I derived this number by counting how many things I bought last year that I truly love and don't regret, and arrived at 11. Less is better!

I wish I had a need for a tweed jacket - I've always loved how they look. I'd like one in a riding jacket style.

ZANAH said...

I am totally with you on this ! I think the 5 piece per season can work and like you, I'll give it a go and already bought one piece for Spring which is a 3.1 Philip Lim taupe blazer. I've also been eyeing that Isabel Marant coat you mentioned as well :)

Mon Mode Blog

ZANAH said...

Oh and forgot to mention for jeans I usually wear Blank NYC but I'm not sure if they sell it where you're from. You can also try Topshop or Cheap Monday...

t said...

Nice list!

Anonymous said...

I love the celine tote!! And I love everything acne makes, but I haven't bought any jeans because I think jeans are the 1 items you have to buy in store because of the fit... So I'll have to wait!

Stacy said...

Great list and I love your photos. I need to find myself a Harris Tweed they're my new fix. Unfortunately I've only come across men's ones lately.

Cynthia said...

I jealous of the IM jacket! But you have a great list. I'm trying to stick to a 10 pieces minimum this year. So far not bad!

Alexandra said...

Acne make great jeans, I have a pair of high waisted flares and the fit is flawless. I'd definitely recommend them.
Love the IM jacket too, I tried it on a few months ago and am kicking myself for not buying it!

Olivia said...

I love all of these items! Especially the bottle green Balenciaga bag and Etoile coat - that must have been the most satisfying purchase!! Are you enjoying wearing it? Would love to see how it looks on in some outfit posts with your envious Balenciaga collection.
I hear J Brand jeans are brilliant - I know they do high waisted versions also and last a long time.
Thanks for visiting my blog - very glad I've discovered yours now! x

catssaymeow said...

I'm also trying to streamline my wardrobe... Maybe not as minimalist as French women, but my aim is to only buy what I know I will wear.
Regarding your question about jeans - you should most definitely check out Nudie High Kais ... They are my favorite :)