Thursday, January 13, 2011

Celine Pre-Fall 2011


Very good collection, maybe hard to "digest" for everyone, but I can bet that after second, third glance it's almost impossible not to like it.
I hated patchwork before, but hey, it does work here so well.
The only thing I hate and cannot understand at all, are fur tails. I've been seeing these long fur/faux fur tail charms attached to handbags on a lot of looks. WHY????? It looks so juvenile and ridiculous.
But Phoebe,I still do love Your work.


Filipa said...

I love Celine...the acessories collection is also amazing ;)


koko // res pulchrae said...

Hehe, I think the whole fox tail thing originated with the "boho" look, but now it seems to be translating to other looks as well. It is a bit strange.

I'm trying so hard not to buy stuff but my wants list is already a mile long! Lol. I think the key to saving more money is to log off the internet entirely! That and delete my eBay account... neither of which is going to happen!

Style Odyssey said...

i so agree with you on the tails clipped on handbags and the like. i guess i'm particular about embellishment for the sake of embellishment or random trend-following.

i see a few things i like here. and i'd love to add some celine shoes to my collection

lin said...

I feel like I should start saving for one of her to-die-for jackets - razor sharp and such interesting details.

Anonymous said...

dziekuje za odwiedzenie mojego bloga! ;-) jest nowy, ciagle sie zmienia. jeszcze nie znalazlam dla niego odpowiedniego koloru, szablonu, obrazu. eat pray love - cudo! poprawia mi humor momentalnie. bardzo mnie odzwierciedla. a p.s. I love you - kiedys byl moim ulubionym filmem, widzialam go chyba ponad 50 razy (!). przegladalam zdjecia na twoim blogu, urzekly mnie buty newbark! cudowne sa. chcialam prowadzic bloga o modzie, ale nie potrafie. ja zawsze wszystko wymieszam, z czego powstaje po prostu moje zycie. jeszcze raz dziekuje za odwiedziny i... zapraszam ponownie! ;-)

onlycoolcats said...

Filipa:Yes, it's true,I amtotally in love with their tote bags. and pointed heels,which I am sure I would not wear in real life, but still they are gorgeous:)
Koko:No, no logging off the internet will not help at all.Just remember To buy the essentials and very good quality.It's always better to grab a designer piece on sale that H&M or Zara:)But You do know it already:)
Style Oddyssey:Agree,I hate people who blndly follow the trends.
Celine shoes are to die for, and I was surprised with the white ones.
Lin:I love the cigarette pants and the boxy coat the most.Unfortunately so over my budget:(
Crochet:dzieki i zapraszam ponownie roweniz do mnie:)

ZANAH said...

Gorgeous collection, love Celine always !

Mon Mode Blog

Robin said...

I'm in love with the denim look, love the combination of fabrics.

Mari said...

Ahhh, droooooooling over this collection. I still won't wear patchwirk, but i so don't hate it here. So well done.


-La Copine


Stacy said...

I love the burgundy t-neck and leather skirt as well as the double breasted blazer and cigarette pants - HOT stuff.

kid said...

that boxy coat in the first image is divine...

thank you so much for the award! I'm a fan of your blog too:-)