Sunday, December 26, 2010

That bag pt.II


10 reasons why Garance Dore loves Vuitton bag by Sofia Coppola:
#1 : It’s the ideal size.  I can put my camera in it, a magazine… or a pair of heels.  I can also put 12 bottles of Khiels conditioner (the big ones) and a little American Apparel bag (oh yeah oh yeah!  I have a new DIY to show you.  This one = 30 seconds flat.).  However, unlike my previous bag, I can’t stick it ALL in there at the same time.
#2 : It’s blue.  I know.  Crazy.
#3 : Consequence of #1 –> I no longer feel like I’m going on a backpacking trip every day of the year.  Sofia, Pierre, my chiropractor, thanks you.
#4 : When I have it on, I feel entirely too chic, entirely too sporty, entirely too cool.  Entirely too me, you know?
#5 : Me, and then on top of that the creative genius of Sofia Coppola.  Okay, actually, it’s totally just me.
#6 : You know what it is?  It’s that with me, I put in that added adventure chic à la Lauren Hutton, Yeah.  That’s it.  In case you were ever wondering what goes on in a girl’s head when she’s fallen completely head-over-heels for an outfit, well, here’s the raw truth, in CinemaScope, casting and music and all.  What music you ask?  Whatever brings ultimate happiness.  Simple as that.
#7 : It’s lined entirely in pearl grey suede.  I get the urge to sleep inside it.
#8 : It’s got this little lock that you close the pocket with.  You have to give it this slight glided pressure.  It’s refinement to the most insane hysterical degree.  Almost as insanely hysterical as me, oh I love it, I looooove it.  Cue the music!
# 9 : You’re not going to get me twice : the next time Sofia Coppola asks me to go eat a hamburger with her, I am going to have a definite conversation starter.  Heat up the burgers, Sofia, Garance is comin’ for you!
# 10 : As for number ten, well, number ten is a secret.  Voilà.  But it’s the reason that I hold closest to my heart.  Come here so that I may scoop you into my arms my beloved bag.  Shall we go for a walk?
Big hugs, bonne journée!



Filipa said...

I definitely love that bag...the size is perfect, is chic...the color is great...Happy Holidays!!


lin said...

You're making me fall in love with the bag all over again. It's a beautiful bag to aspire to, so classic and luxurious.

onlycoolcats said...

Filipa: Thank You very much. Have a Happy Holidays too!
Lin: I am glad You like it. I wouldn't mind to posses it at all.Unfortunately the price is.. well.. over my budget:)

la mì said...

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